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Welcome to West Clark Community Schools

September 22, 2016


Greetings, I hope this message finds each of you doing well and enjoying a wonderful evening with your families. Recent humidity levels in our region have resulted in many of the districts’ buildings experiencing unusually high humidity levels. Over the past several weeks due to increased humidity levels, a few areas throughout the district have seen small areas of mold growth behind posters, wall coverings, etc.

Immediate steps were put into action.  Those steps included the following:

  • Principals moved students to different classrooms during cleaning.
  • Classrooms with any detectable growth are being thoroughly cleaned with student-safe cleaning agents that eradicate mold immediately. Carpets have been disinfected.
  • Dehumidifiers and HEPA air scrubbers are running 24/7 to reduce humidity levels.
  • Interior gymnasium doors are being closed to reduce outside air infiltration.
  • Areas affected have been tested by private contractors and the Indiana Department of Health to ensure safe conditions continue at all campuses.
  • Updated air test results have been posted online via our district website at
  • ALL AREAS are safe for student occupancy.

Long-term solutions are being developed in conjunction with our HVAC Maintenance Partner, Alpha Energy Solutions. These long-term solutions may involve large-scale improvements to current HVAC designs and air conditioning gymnasiums and common areas.


We appreciate each of our campuses’ staff members, student bodies, parents, and community stakeholders supporting the school districts’ efforts to continue offering safe learning environments.


Thank you,


Chad Schenck, Supt. of Schools




Belief and/or Value Statements

West Clark Community Schools Believes:

  • all students can learn and continuous student growth is expected. 
  • identifying clear grade-level expectations helps students meet expectations. 
  • rigorous instruction and curriculum, along with activities that are developmentally appropriate, create opportunities for high levels of student success. 
  • knowledge without values is not representative of an adequate education; rather, curriculum encourages confidence, honesty, ambition, integrity, service, innovation, patriotism, vision, and a desire to prosper, so that the knowledge imparted can be properly utilized. 
  • employee effectiveness is linked to ongoing professional/staff development. 
  • transparency in governance and regular community communications are vital to the future of the school corporation. 
  • in providing continuity and sustainability of public education funding while exercising fiscal responsibility to meet short and long term educational goals. 
  • an understanding of and respect for human diversity is essential for a well-rounded education. 
  • extracurricular activities that enhance the development of the individual socially and academically increase connectedness to the school and decrease absenteeism. 


West Clark Community Schools Values:

  • accessibility of data for student evaluation, communication, quality instructional decisions, and goal attainment. 
  • a holistic, positive, safe, caring, learning environment. 
  • hiring and retaining highly qualified personnel and, where applicable, are properly certified and are effective in their subject matter and academic discipline. 
  • on-going curriculum development that is vertically aligned. 
  • political and business relationships that cultivate support for educational programs. 
  • facilities that are well maintained, safe, secure, and that meet the needs of the student population. 
  • the use of technology as a tool for enhancing learning, career readiness, communication, and organizational administration.




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Upcoming School Board Meetings


Thursday, September 29, 2016, 6:30pm 

Special Work Session Board Meeting and 2017 Budget Hearing at West Clark Community Schools Administration Building. 




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