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Schools - Henryville Jr.-Sr. High


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Message From Our Principal:


Dear Henryville Parents and Family Members

Recently, local and state-wide newspapers and media outlets published information on how many highly effective teachers worked in all school districts and in all schools.  The number of highly effective teachers is new data the Indiana Department of Education is compiling.

Newspapers and broadcast news outlets have published that West Clark Community Schools and Henryville Jr. Sr. High School have no (zero) highly effective teachers.  At the same time, the sources list the many highly effective teachers who are working in neighboring school districts and schools.

Is the information being broadcast and published correct?  Yes, the information is correct, sort of…

West Clark Community Schools and Henryville Jr. Sr. High School do not report any teachers as highly effective because we have an older teacher contract agreement.  Our teacher contract agreement only lists three classifications for teacher effectiveness: Effective/Proficient, Improvement Necessary, and Ineffective.  The WCCS/SCE teacher contract agreement does not call for, or allow for, any of our teachers to be designated as highly effective.

The Indiana designation of “highly effective teacher” will come into our teacher contract agreement on July 1, 2016.

Does Henryville Jr. Sr. High School (and West Clark Schools) have highly effective teachers?  Yes, we do have many highly effective teachers.  Your child most likely has a highly effective Henryville teacher, right now.  We just won’t be able to list an official count of highly effective teachers until after July 1st in 2016.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “So now you know the rest of the story.”


Troy Albert

Henryville Jr. Sr. High School Principal



The yearbook staff could use your help. We have an idea that will make the yearbook more affordable for students and their families. Click on the link below to read about our idea and complete a four question survey.

Thank you for your time,

Julie Stockton

Henryville Jr/Sr High School

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