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Schools - Silver Creek High

Theatre Camp 2014



Grades 1-9 (for 2014-15 School Year)


Come experience the magic and thrill of Theatre!


Students can expect to walk away with:

  • Knowledge of extensive theatre terms and directions
  • Performance Experience (students divided by grade)
  • Knowledge and experience of Technical theatre (stagecraft, building props etc)
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Confidence and FUN!!!!

Camp to be held at Silver Creek High School

Mr. Emery Retiring
by Sam Lay


Silver Creek High School
has had the honor of having
one of the greatest teachers
of all time, Mr. Emery. Mr.
Emery started teaching in 1968 and has worked here since 1996 and has loved doing it. Since he's worked here he has encountered tons of new things each year. I asked him what he liked most about teaching and he said, "The students and laughing with the students. It made me think I was younger." I also asked him what he planned on doing after he left the school and he said, "Anything I want. I have trip plans, golfing plans, and family activities." He's going to be greatly missed by all of the students of Silver Creek High School. He said that of all the things he's going to miss he's especially going to miss seeing the students achieve
their goals and knowing that he had a part to do with it. If you haven't had the chance to tell him goodbye take the time. We'll miss you Mr. Emery!

After Prom
by Justin James


After students left the prom, many went home, changed out of their tuxes and beautiful dresses and headed to After Prom. This event took place inside Silver Creek High School's main gym and lasted from 11:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. A buffet of pizzas, White Castles, donuts, brownies, and a variety of soft drinks were set out for students. There were numerous activities set up for those who attended. These Ultimate Battleactivites consisted of several different inflatables including an obstical course, giant hamster balls, a slide that almost touched the gymnasium ceiling, a velcro wall, and a very popular combat arena.

SC Boys' Track Team Wins 1st Sectional
by Jeffrey Popp

On March 22, 2014 the Silver Creek boys’ track team broke Jeff High’s 41 consecutive Sectional championships winning streak. It was the longest streak in Indiana of any Boys' Sectional Champssport, but that streak came to an end with Silver Creek winning by 4 points. Congratulations to individual champions: Schuyler Hosp in the discus, Tanner Coots in the 1600 meter run, Andrew Westfall, Mathew Bottorff, Morgan Davidson, and Tanner Coots in the 3200 meter relay. Jeff Grady (Senior) said, “ It took 492 teams for one of them to finally beat Jeff and we were the team to do it!”

2014 Europe Trip
by Eli Jones

The Europe trip took place in March. Around 80 students went on the trip. The students started the trip in Frankfurt Germany and ended the trip in Barcelona, Spain. The trip was an incredible experience for everyone who attended. The trip went through seven countries including: Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France, Switzerland-Monaco, and Spain. The favorite of the group was Barcelona. The city of Munich was another favorite place for the group. Senior Logan Dehn said, “Munich was probably my favorite palce to visit. I could live there.” There is going to be another Europe trip next year. They are going to England. 

Senior Trip 2014: Washington DC
By: Ashley Neeld


On April 23-29th the Silver Creek Seniors went to Washington D.C. While the trip was quite expensive I think everyone who went had a great time. The seniors saw most of the monuments and memorials. Mr. Crabtree (the principal) was one of the tour guides and had a lot of useful information on the city of Washington. It really is a beautiful city and the trip was totally worth the money. The food was great, and more importantly the time spent with friends and classmates was what really made the trip fun! It was 6 days away from school and our families which I know everyone needs from time to time.

I can only speak for myself, but I for one had a great time on the trip. I was sad to leave even though I was a little home sick. I told the juniors and underclassmen that if they can afford to go then they totally should. I would go again if I could to be honest.

We walked a lot and saw most of the city. I did not get to see all the museums which is unfortunate. I saw the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I really feel like our class bonded on the trip. I do feel closer to those who went. I am so fortunate that I got to go. There was not anything about the trip that I did not enjoy. We saw several plays and two musicals while on the trip.

"The Senior Trip was amazing. There were so many monuments and buildings in Washington D.C. it was almost overwhelming. We were able to see things not usually accessible to the public, which made me feel special." said Justin James.

As you can see most if not all of the seniors that went on the trip loved it. I have been told that after the trip, senior year flies by and that could not be more true. To conclude this article I will quote myself "If I could go again I would, something about being with my classmates for 6 days on a huge field trip just makes me feel good. I think my favorite part about the whole trip was the cruise on the last night, it was like a pre-prom". The bottom line, if you can afford to go then you totally should!


2014-2015 Registration Information


Chicken Challenge Winners
by Christian Prather


The Chicken Challenge pits classmates against each other in a ruthless battle for the glory of the title "Champion of the Chickens." This battle is held annually in Room 101 and is participated in by only the highest caliber of chicken chefs. Mr. Hankins, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Boggs, and Mr. Johnson all had the honor of judging this legendary event. This yea'rs Champion of the Chickens in Orange 1 were Trent Farley, Shae Durham, Noah Spencer, and Zach Davidson. In Orange 2: Sami Stephenson, Kayla Prince, Meagan Dohoney , Abby Goff, and Meagan Nickles. And finally in Orange 4: Yanou Puth, Tess Vanover, and Amber Nevins. We congratulate the Champions of the Chickens, and though there were those who did not emerge victorious, they can hold their head high knowing they had the honor to compete in the 11th Annual Chicken Challenge.

Silver Creek Spring Band Concert
by Garrett Bush


This year on May 18th in the Silver Creek High School main gym was th last concert of the year and more importantly Mr. Hoover's last concert. As a special retirement gift they gave Mr. Hoover a Lazy boy. Also in in the middle of Pompeii, the song by Bastile, almost every high school band member put on a shirt that said "Free Larry Hoover" with a picture of Mr. Hoover on the front and many quotes of his on the back. Then their was a reception after the concert that had many pictures and quotes from Hoover.

SC Programmers Compete in Humana Competition
by Sam Lay


The Silver Creek Java
Programming Class recently completed a Tyler Rice presents the team Humana solutionproject for the highly known h
ealth insurance company, Humana. The project is a competition between the different teams of programmers in Mr. Shaw's programminsg class. One team, Team Rushmore, consists of Sam Lay, Andrew Foley, Courtland Grangier and Spencer Harris.

Andrew Foley says, "I'm really pumped to attempt to solve the situation that Humana puts us in. Also it makes me feel more grown
up when I have a problem that I have to solve. All I do is win, I win no matter what. That iPad will be
mine." Another team is Team Peanut, consisting of Ryan Fehr, Alex Long, Jake Steele, and Tiffany Kennedy. Alex Long says, "I can't wait to beat teamSpencer Harris presents team solution Rushmore and help Humana solve their hard drive wiping situation.
Team Rushmore's  members are mean!"
Humana told the students that they are to find a solution to their
problem. They told them that they need to find a third-party company that can wipe hard drives for the cheapest labor.The winners will receive laptops as prizes.

Teachers Win Trivia Challenge
by Logan Crouch

On Friday, May 16th, a trivia contest was held in the presentation room for both blocks of IRP. In the contest there were three teams: a group of four juniors, seniors, and teachers. A question would bTrivia Challengee read off out of a trivia book, and whatever team had a member buzz in first would get to answer the question. The group members could not talk to each other, so whoever buzzed in was on their own. The game ended with a question that each of the groups could wager points on. The end score was 798 for the juniors, 900 for the seniors, and a whopping 8400 for the teachers.

Senior Trip 2014
by Eli Jones

The seniors went to Washington D.C. this year and it was a success as always.
A lot of the seniors loved the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
The trip was led by Principle Mr. Mike Crabtree and Government teacher Mr. Joe Ledbetter.
They saw almost every monument and memorial in D.C. They went to Fords Theater and many other famous buildings like the Library of Congress and the US capitol building. Jordan Wilson said “I loved seeing the Gutenburg Bible.” The seniors loved the trip and many would love to go back.

Senior Awards 2014
by Jeffrey Popp


On the night of May 12, 2014, faculty, parents, and friends came together, at 8:00 P.M in the  cafeteria, to recognize Senior achievements and scholarships. Cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude, sports awards, community scholarships, and curricular awards were given to selected students in the Senior Class of 2014. Mr. Crabtree recognized achievements and scholarships, community members gave out scholarships, and faculty gave out curricular awards. Pictures for this event can be located here.


Silver Creek High School
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Asst. Principal and Athletic Director: Larry Richmer

Asst. Principal: Amy Gilbert



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