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Silver Creek HS Driver Education Information


Common Chord Concert
by Luke Wells


On May 7th, the 9th Annual Common Chord was held in the auditorium during IRP. During the event, Mr.Smith and Mrs.Kramer had their Mrs. Kramer getting her head shaved.heads shaved after many students donated money in order to give to a cancer research charity, Aiden's Legacy, and to see their teachers with significantly less hair. The 9th annual Common Chord began with live performances from many of Silver Creek's talented students. The teachers chosen to shave their heads were then asked to step on stage for what we had all been waiting for. The students who attended the 9th annual Common Chord were able to witness their teachers having their heads shaved. Common Chord is a perfect chance for students to display their musical talent and to help Relay for Life by purchasing tickets. This year's Common Chord was a huge success. To see more pictures of the performance, click here.


Senior Trip - 2015
by Wesley Wilkinson


Supreme CourtWednesday, April 22- Tuesday, April 28, the 2015 Senior class went on the thrilling and unbelievable annual senior trip that is planned for each year's senior class. There were six educators who attended alongside the senior class, Ms. Coffman , Mr. Ledbetter, Ms. Harris, Mr. Harris, Mr. Crabtree and our Superintendent Mr. Schneider. The two buses arrived early Thursday morning and immediatley all of us forgot about how Lincoln Memorialdrowsy, tired, or fatigued we felt. We were all so excited to get off the buses and watch the sun rise above the Washington Monument from the beautiful Lincoln Memorial. After the sunrise we were guided by our incredible principal, Mr. Crabtree, to the Vietnam Memorial along with several others. After our buffet style breakfast at our hotel, the class went to the National Mall for further orientation to our capital city and Smithsonian Institution which is the largest and most diverse museum Lincoln Memorial at night.complex in the world. On the second day, everyone dressed very nicely for our class picture at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in front of the Capitol Building. What a fun and cold experience that was. We then visited the U.S. House of Representatives along with interior rooms of the Capitol that included the Statuary Hall, the Rotunda, and the Capitol Crypt and several others. That evening we went to dinner at Tony and Joe's overlooking the Georgetown Waterfront. What an incredible view! Following dinner, we then attended a show at The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts where we saw Washington's longest running and hilarious commedy, Shear Madness. Next were our evening tours to Watergate complex, the U.S Marine Memorial (Iwo Jima), and Jefferson Memorial. Saturday was a tough day. Our class officers along with Mr. Crabtree woke bright and early to get the classes tickets for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. There were no words as many seniors and teachers had tears in their eyes for the entirity of being inside the museum. Next on our exciting list was a "Dine-Around" experience in George Washington's hometown, Alexandria, Virginia. Let's just say we had our parade rained on that evening but it made the experience that much more memorable. Our schedule for Sunday was Arlington National Cemetery in nearby Virginia.
The day included a ​tour from our very own Mr. Crabtree around the cemetery and a Wreath Laying Ceremony
 at the Tomb of the Unknown
 Soldier by
our own class officers in conjunction with the Changing-of-the-Guard Ceremony by the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Honor Guard. That evening we all danced the night away on The Odyssey, a beautiful glass roofed ship in the Potomac River for an enchanting moonlit cruise. By the time Monday came everyone was sad that it was the last day in Washington D.C. We began the day driving through Massachusetts Avenue spotting both sides of an area known as Embassy Row on the way to Washington National Cathedral, one of the largest and best known gothic cathedrals in the world. Our tour guides took us through the beautiful cathedral composed of all Indiana limestone. The tour then ended after Mr. Crabtree gave one of his many heart-filled and wise speeches to the class as we all sat in quiet in the area outside of Hellen Keller's tomb. That night was our State Dinner Buffet in the Congressional II Ballroom inside of our hotel, whicht was undescribable. "Everyone looked so fancy and the food was very good. It was really sad to awknowledge that was our last night of the trip" says Lauren McKnight. Following dinner we boarded the buses and made our way to the famous playhouse, Ford's Theatre, where President Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. We were fortunate to be among the many who saw the first ever show of Freedom's Song. What an incredible evening it was and it still wasn't quite over. After, we stood around the Emancipation Memorial as Mr. Crabtree spoke to us and recited a poem called O'Captain My Caption. About a fourth of the way into the poem the class all began reciting the poem, due to the fact we had all learned its history from Mr. Crabtree himself sophomore year and were tested over reciting the peom word for word by our incredible teacher, Ms. Harris. "The trip was absolutley amazing, I can not think of a better group of people that I would have wished to experience D.C. with than my senior class" says Heather Knight. "The bonding experience was immeasurable. Never did I imagine that this trip would bring me so close to my class. If there is one thing I would tell a future senior it would be do not miss out on senior trip because it will forever change your life, I guaruntee it." -Me, Wesley Wilkinson


by Isaiah Howard 


Lots of seniors didn't go on senior trip this year, because of money mostly, or just lack of desire to spend a few days with the senior class. The senior class left for Washington D.C. on April 22nd, leaving behind several of the soon to be graduates at the school. This is Travis Carter who is one of several seniors who decided not to make the senior trip. Travis didn't go on senior trip because he thought his money should pobably be put towards a car, or better yet, college. He spent most of his days at the school, or working. "I talked to people about serial killers and learned how to play chess" - Travis Carter. D Jake McKinley, was also in the small group of seniors who didn't go to Washington D.C. He claims that the reason he didn't go on senior trip was because there was a concert during the same week for Neutral Milk Hotel, which 

he had already bought tickets for, plus he really needed to just save his money towards college. "It was the most intimate concert i've ever been to. I listened to music a lot this week, and hanging out with seniors during free periods was the bomb. MaZerella's is good," Jake said.  Last but not least, Riley Watkins was also one of the seniors who could not attend the senior trip this year. The reason why is because money was needed more elsewhere, ​and there was lots of catching up on work and studying that needed to be done. "I Studied for my Comptia+ Test, brought in a gallon of pizza, and talked to others who stayed.



Band Marches in Pegasus Parade
by Lindsay Guelda

People from all over the world travel to Lousville, Kentucky, each year
Getting ready for the parade to be ​a part of the Derby Festival. They Kentucky Derby Festival provides a wide variety of activities for both local residents and visitors. Annual attendence of the event have exceeded 1.5 million in the recent years . Each year Silver Creek, Henryville, and Borden take part in an event called the Pegasus Parade to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. In past years, the band has played a variety of different songs including Don't Stop Believing, Disney Medly, and Spanish Parade. This year Mr. Smith and his pals at Henryville and Borden have decided to take a drastic turn in choosing a modern song, Uptown Funk. This provides a great opportunity for the students in the West Clark community to come together and play the current hottest track in America. Jake McKinley said, "I have always enjoyed taking part in the parades over the past four years. They're always a lot of fun and a great way to show everyone the connectivity everyone has with music." The Pegasus Parade was on Thursday, April 30th.








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Faulkner Relays
by Jackson Couch


The Faulkner Relays is a huge track meet for our school and our coach. The Faulkner was on May 7. This meet took place in Clarksville. The Faulkners relay is a track meet tribute to a great runner that died overseas fighting for our country. After this meet our guys finished in first place and our girls finished in second place. In this Tanner running​picture it shows Tanner Coots in the 3200m relay striding to the finish. I asked Tanner how he thought his team did and he said" I think we pretty much broke the record, so thanks to Morgan and everybody else on our team."





Lawrence Central High School Midwest Prep Track and Field Invitational
by Mackenzie Crouch


At a track meet on April 18th, 2015, Silver Creek's track and field team went to Lawrence Central to compete. The meet spanned from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the runners excelled. Achievements accomplished by the track team include: top five for Maggie Shields in the 800 meter run, a personal best for both 4x400 teams. Those teams consist of Chelsea Whalen, Katie Cooper, Maggie Shields, and Jessica Backhermes along with the guys team of Noah Jones, Andrew Westfall, Daltan Collins and Morgan Davison. Chelsea Whalen (above) ran well Saturday and has already set goals for the season, "My goal for the season is to become closer with my team and bring my 400 time down." Impressively, 

Spencer Harris (right) won first in discus and was in the top five for shot put. In response to what it was like to win he explained, "It feels good. I feel like I'm getting better."  Jessica Backhermes

(left) won by a land slide in the 1600 meter run with an impressive time. When asked what her favorite moment during the mile was she responded, "The last lap was probably my favorite because I was ahead of everyone and I knew I was still feeling strong, and then when I crossed the line in first and looked down at my watch to see that I ran a major personal best time."


Modern Sculpture
​by Luke Wells


In Mrs.Hinton's advanced art classes, the students will be using modern day technology to create sculptures. The process begins differently for every student. Some take apart whole pieces of technology such as keyboards, printers, and power tools. others can simply 

paint ​over a fully intact piece of technology to begin their project. Logan Wells says " I'm doing a mechanical bird head mounted on the back of an old keyboard. So far I've taken apart a power saw, a printer, a keyboard, and a mouse." This art project is not only creative, but it can help students understand what makes certain objects work the way they do.

ECA Testing
by Cory Ault


End of Course Assesment testing is from the 21st of April, for Silver Creek High School, until the 22nd of May. This test is for 9th, 10th graders and retakes. The test is for Algebra 1, Biology, and English 10. The tests for Algebra and English require you to pass in order to graduate. They  are to show that you have retained the information for the specified class. I asked a student taking the English 10 test, Calvin Heck, if he was nervous about the upcoming test, he replied. "Yeah, definitely". These tests can bring stress to the students taking them because they are so important and they are right around the corner.


SC Wins Stargazer Track Meet
by Jackson Couch


The Stargazer is an important track meet in High School. During this track event our team strived to the finish and won. Our track team got 1st in boys and girls! This event took place in Cordon 

on April 10th. 

This big meet always happens every year. In this picture it shows Miranda Coats ready to win her relay. During this meet I got quotes from Mathew Bottorff and Miranda Coats. Miranda Coats said, "Our team is a small team, but we have a lot of determination and kids who are out there giving it there all and spilling their guts out. We're a great team and we have a lot of potential." ​ Mathew Bottorff added," I think overall we did

 better as a team and we got first as a team, so it was a good way to start the season." This picture shows Mathew Bottorff warming up, ready to win the race.





The Dance of Mrs. Jackson MyPlate
By: Joseph Darnall


Mrs. Jackson, who teaches Nutrition and Wellness, had an idea to make a video using students to promote healthy eating choices for a website called MyPlate. In Mrs. Jackson’s class, all her students had to dance and even sing, but some didn’t want to do it. It started on the first few weeks of the second semester of this year. As a person in her class and writing this article, I can tell you that her choice for this was a little silly but every one looked like they enjoyed it. Some people didn’t think it would be any fun or they didn’t want to  embarrass themselves by the singing or dancing. The filming happened becauses of Mrs. Jackson's inspiration for the students in and out of her class. It was filmed in the school using the rooms and various items for the video. By the end of the senior trip, there will be a video for MyPlate. I haven’t seen it, but we have high hopes for it.


Silver Creek High School
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