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Schools - Silver Creek High

Silver Creek HS Driver Education Information


Aiden's Legacy Fundraiser
by Sam Lay


Silver Creek High School is
taking part in a charity called Aiden's Legacy. It is a foundation that is partnered with the Children's Hospital Foundation that raises 
dollars to help with children that have cancer. The dollars go to the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Center at the Korsair Children's Hospital.

All of the funds go straight to the Korsair Children's Hospital. The fundraiser 
Silver Creek is using is called Clips for Kids. We currently have ten teachers that are willing to put their hair on the line. All of the 
funds are due on May 7th. So get your money in and donate as much as you can. All amounts are very much appreciated. The 
teachers included in the fundraiser include:
(Click for Wanted Poster)
Brandon Hoffman
David Rooney
Dee Kramer
Grant Stekbeck
Jason Hawkins
Joe Decker
Mike Day
Patrick Anderson
Alex Smith
Matt Himmelhaver



SC Band Banquet
by Jake McKinley


This past sunday, the Silver Creek Band celebrated it's annual Band Banquet. For the first time ever, the banquet was not just for marching band students, but rather a celebration of all branches of the band program, from pep band, to color guard, to concert band. Throughout the Mr. Smith gives out awards.evening Mr. Smith handed out several awards to students of each grade level, presented letters and chevrons, and near the end even announced the Marching Band show of 2015: Catch the Sun! saying that "Last year's show didn't necessarily feel like Silver Creek. I took a guess and the band fit that mold the best they could, but this show is 100% Silver Creek." The entire evening was arranged by Tonya Shelton and took place at a Henryville Community Club Location. It was a wonderful send-off for the season and the seniors, and a look back at a still-in-progress fantastic year of new accomplishments in the Silver Creek Band program.



Turn Down for Guat
By Nick Meriwether


Build teamOver Spring Break, a host of Dragon students made their way to San Raymundo, Guatemala, to build houses for those with less than satisfactory shelter. The group from Northside Christian Church had partnered with Casas Por Cristo to give high school students the opportunity to show the love of God through service. As freshman James Kennedy put it, "Guatemala was a memorable experience and I am so blessed to have been a part of it. I can't think of anything better to do during my Spring Break." 

The mission trip lasted all week, consisting of four work days and one day in Antigua, a city rich in culture and activities. Since there were 78 people involved with this life-changing trip, we were divide into four build teams and thus constructed four new houses. Each build team poured concrete, set up walls, put on siding, and added a roof, windows, and doors. The teams worked diligently and passionately to give this gift of a house to a family in need. Demographically, the Guatemala team was made up of almost one-third freshman girls, one might be surprised that we got done! As the youth minister in charge of the trip Kyle Wilson says, "If a bunch of freshman girls can build a house, anyone can." We had the opportunity to play with the local children, who enjoyed the fun and attention. One of said children was 


Marvin , who has special needs. 

The effect of this trip on the lives of those who went was momentous. It really put into prospective what people in other countries have to work with. Many live in poverty, only earning enough to feed their families. It was an honor and a blessing for us to be able to give them a shelter when we barely know them and owe them nothing. We were able to communicate not just through those who knew Spanish, but with the language that anyone can understand: the love of Christ. 

Guatemala Team 2015

Here is a list of Silver Creek students who made this leap of faith: 

Seniors- Jacob Fetter, Janie Rogers, Juniors- Grace Clayton, Hailey Ramey, Nick Serpa, Tiffany Kennedy, Victoria Litzelswope, Freshmen- James Kennedy, Kailey Johnson, Lauren Hall, Lauren Mason, Nick Kistler, Nick Meriwether


Aspiring Authors at SCHS
By Nathanael L. Mann


Many writers start out small, broke, and young. There are more of them than you think. As a matter of fact, you probably know someone who isa writer, or at least someone who dabbles. There are a few of our very own SCHS students who you may see on the cover of a book in the near future.

I, myself am a writer, and spend most of my free time scribing in my book. (That is, when I'm not doing school projects or playing video games with friends.) I enjoy writing because it gives me a satisfying feeling when someone enjoys my work.

James Thomas Kennedy is 


a good friend of mine and a great writer. Though, at times, school can be an overbearing task, he spends time whenever he can to add a little to his work. I asked him:

Why do you write?
"It is one of my hobbies and it's a way to express the way I am feeling without actually expressing it." 

Could you tell me a bit about the type of writing you do? 
"Just stories and plots from my imagination. I like action, science fiction, futuristic types of novels so my writing reflects that."

What is your favorite part? What do you enjoy most (about writing)? 
"I like creating characters and plots."

Though I have never actually read a piece Lucy​by Lucy Kidwell, it was obvious she was a writer. She is an honors student with an extreme passion for education and generally everything in school (as well as out of school events). This is what she said:

Why do you write?
"It's something that allows me to express myself creatively. I love it."

Could you tell me a bit about the type of writing you do?
"I write short stories and poetry. I try to write about real world issues and things that mean a lot to me."

What is your favorite part? What do you enjoy most (about writing)? 
"I like starting, but it takes commitment to finish a piece."

These are only a few examples of people who enjoy writing, there are many more waiting for their chance to create something worth sharing. In my opinion, there isn't a story not worth sharing, but it's all up to them.




Lawrence Central High School Midwest Prep Track and Field Invitational
by Mackenzie Crouch


At a track meet on April 18th, 2015, Silver Creek's track and field team went to Lawrence Central to compete. The meet spanned from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the runners excelled. Achievements accomplished by the track team include: top five for Maggie Shields in the 800 meter run, a personal best for both 4x400 teams. Those teams consist of Chelsea Whalen, Katie Cooper, Maggie Shields, and Jessica Backhermes along with the guys team of Noah Jones, Andrew Westfall, Daltan Collins and Morgan Davison. Chelsea Whalen (above) ran well Saturday and has already set goals for the season, "My goal for the season is to become closer with my team and bring my 400 time down." Impressively, 

Spencer Harris (right) won first in discus and was in the top five for shot put. In response to what it was like to win he explained, "It feels good. I feel like I'm getting better."  Jessica Backhermes

(left) won by a land slide in the 1600 meter run with an impressive time. When asked what her favorite moment during the mile was she responded, "The last lap was probably my favorite because I was ahead of everyone and I knew I was still feeling strong, and then when I crossed the line in first and looked down at my watch to see that I ran a major personal best time."



IU Balanced Man Scholarship Opportunity

Are you a strong student, gifted leader, and dedicated to helping improve your community? Apply now to be eligible for 1 of 6 Balanced Man Scholarships of up to $500 sponsored by the Indiana Beta Chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at Indiana University. Apply Online! Due: May 1st 

Information Poster


SC Students Give the Gift of Life
by Luke Wells


The American Red Cross recently led a blood drive in the auxiliary gym. Students signed up for the blood drive beforehand and were scheduled to give blood at certain times during the day. Once the students arrived in the gym, they were given a binder filled with the terms and conditions of the blood drive and how the given blood will be used.

The students were individually taken into enclosed areas, in which they were asked many questions related to anything that affects their blood. After sufficient analysis of their blood and related activities, they were taken to a bed in another area of the gym. The nurses prepared the supplies that are required to take blood and proceed to clean the area of your arm where the needle will be placed. The students were given a foam ball to squeeze every five seconds after the needle was placed. The process took a different amount of time for each student giving blood. Once the students were finished they were given bandages for their arms. They were then allowed to have a snack and a drink and could leave the gym. Lindsay Guelda said, "Even though I had never given blood before and I was pretty scared it wasn't that bad. I'm glad I could help others by donating my blood to the American Red Cross."


Galapagos Trip 2016
by Noah Pierson


As of about a week ago, the newest travel club trip has been unveiled. This time, students have a chance to travel off the coast of Ecuador. The trip will take place in spring of 2016. The trip will last nine days and will tour a large expanse of the islands. "There are 12 students signed up as of now" - said trip coordinator Ms. Neal. With the price of the trip costing just a little over $2,000, now is as good a time as any to sign up for this interesting trip. Contact Ms. Neal or Mr.Horton for more information.Galapagos


The Dance of Mrs. Jackson MyPlate
By: Joseph Darnall


Mrs. Jackson, who teaches Nutrition and Wellness, had an idea to make a video using students to promote healthy eating choices for a website called MyPlate. In Mrs. Jackson’s class, all her students had to dance and even sing, but some didn’t want to do it. It started on the first few weeks of the second semester of this year. As a person in her class and writing this article, I can tell you that her choice for this was a little silly but every one looked like they enjoyed it. Some people didn’t think it would be any fun or they didn’t want to  embarrass themselves by the singing or dancing. The filming happened becauses of Mrs. Jackson's inspiration for the students in and out of her class. It was filmed in the school using the rooms and various items for the video. By the end of the senior trip, there will be a video for MyPlate. I haven’t seen it, but we have high hopes for it.


Silver Creek High School
557 Renz Avenue
Sellersburg, IN 47172


Principal: Mike Crabtree


Asst. Principal and Athletic Director: Larry Richmer


Asst. Principal: Amy Gilbert



Mark Rieger

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Amy Compton


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