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Schools - Silver Creek High

Silver Creek HS Driver Education Information


Mr. Shaw Retires
by Sam Lay


Mr. Shaw retires after 40 years.Mr. Robert Shaw is a teacher that no one will forget. From many dedicated years of 
educating students in different fields, to using volunteer hours for sponsoring the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he has been teaching at Silver Creek for forty years. He has taught many classes including: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, College Algebra, Basic Math, Various Computer Programming classes, Web Design, Venture, and Intro to Computers. Mr. Shaw attended two colleges, 
Indiana University Bloomington and Indiana University Southeast.
While he was teaching at Silver Creek he also coached many sports.
He spent seven years coaching Varsity Volleyball, thirteen years coaching Varsity Girls Track, and
eight years coaching JV Tennis alongside Mr. Crabtree. 

After he retires, Mr. Shaw plans to go on staff with FCA this summer as an Area Representative. He 
will be working with schools in the area including Clark and Floyd Counties. I asked him what he would have done if he had never
gotten a career in teaching and he told me, "I would have gone into the computer field." Mr. Shaw used to work some summer jobs with computer
companies when he was younger. He has also taught at IVY Tech, IUS, and IU Bloomington.



2015 Prom
by Lindsay Guelda

Prom King and QueenAs the year comes to an end, Silver Creek students start preparing for one of the best nights of their life: Prom. This years Prom was held at Hubers Orchard and Winery. The theme was A Night With the Gods. For four hours students danced their hearts out, hung out with friends, ate good food, and looked their best while doing it. The winners this year for prince and princess were Ben Compton and Taylor Williams. The winners for king and queen were Gabe Bauer and Morgan Black. Morgan also won homecoming queen for basketball and football. YaY! Logan Wells said, "Prom exceeded all of my expectations and was a great night. I really enjoyed having dinner and spending time with my closest friends."



Common Chord Concert
by Luke Wells


On May 7th, the 9th Annual Common Chord was held in the auditorium during IRP. During the event, Mr.Smith and Mrs.Kramer had their Mrs. Kramer getting her head shaved.heads shaved after many students donated money in order to give to a cancer research charity, Aiden's Legacy, and to see their teachers with significantly less hair. The 9th annual Common Chord began with live performances from many of Silver Creek's talented students. The teachers chosen to shave their heads were then asked to step on stage for what we had all been waiting for. The students who attended the 9th annual Common Chord were able to witness their teachers having their heads shaved. Common Chord is a perfect chance for students to display their musical talent and to help Relay for Life by purchasing tickets. This year's Common Chord was a huge success. To see more pictures of the performance, click here.


Intro-Theatre One Acts
by Alexis Miller


The theatre department is one of many achievements of Silver Creek. The Introduction to Theatre classes of B1, B3, and O1 preformed one-acts as their final exam, live onstage, in front of peers, parents, and others. I interviewed the apprentice of the class of B3 to go behind the scenes. She said "It was fun! I liked the group of kids i had. They made it enjoyable." The group of B3 performed Boobytrap by Ed Monk. It's about an American Soldier trapped by a land mine. As he waits, scenes from his past, present and future unfold. I asked the director what the hardest part was for the amature actors and she said, "They did pretty well with it. The hardest part for them was probably remembering their lines."

The O1 class did a beautiful performance of Clown Bar by Adam Szymkowicz . Clown Bar is a clown noir play about a former clown named Happy who has returned to the seedy underground crime world to find his brother’s killer. Below is a picture from the cast of the B3 performance.


Art in the Office
by Shelby Bower


Certain art pieces are put in the office by Mrs. Hinton, the art teacher. They can be from many different students that are in her art class. “I can tell how much effort students put into their work which is mainly how I decide which ones go in the office,” Mrs. Hinton said. She puts as many ​pieces that can fit into the office. She also switches them out and puts new ones in as often as possible while still keeping them in there as long as she can. Mrs. Hinton also offers for some students’ artwork to go into the Art in Speed Park exhibit.


Spring Band Concert
by Jake McKinley


The final Silver Creek Band concert of the year was this past Sunday at 2pm. 6th, 7th, 8th grade, High School, and Jazz Bands performed at this event. Each Band played 2 pieces, except for the High School which played 3. Then at the end, all of the bands played a piece together in one massed band. The turnout was absolutely incredible and a great last performance (before graduation, that is) for the Silver Creek Bands and their Seniors. Freshman Sydney Harshey said, "It was a great concert! Everybody played their best, and it was awesome to hear the younger kids getting better." While the seniors will be missed, we're all very excited to see how the bands progress in the years to come. 





Freshman Lid Collection
By Hayden McCallister


For the past few weeks, all of the freshmen in Ms. Lyvers' biology classes have been collecting plastic caps to build a bench for the school. The goal at first was to build one bench, which takes two hundred pounds. At first that seemed like a lot to collect, but we got it within the first few weeks. After we collected the first two hundred pounds, we quickly got another one hundred. Now the goal is to gather another two hundred so we can make two benches. We are nearly there with around 375 pounds! The only thing to do after that is to choose the color and location. We have already voted, but do not know the results. The choices for color were: green, blue, orange or an orange and white swirl. The choices for location were: in the courtyard, in the cafeteria, or in front of the school. It is amazing that we could collect so much in so little time.



Faculty Wins Trivia Challenge...Again
by Logan Wells


On Wednesday, May 13th, the National Honor Society held their annual Trivia Challenge. Every year, the Juniors, Seniors, and teachers compete against each other, answering a variety of Trivial Pursuit questions with four people representing each group. This year, the Juniors were represented by Tiffany Kennedy, Noah Eckert, Ben Compton, ​

and Alex Long. The Seniors were represented by Jessica Backherms, Patrick Crone, Ryan Fehr, and Jake Steele. The teachers were represented by Ms. Lyvers, Mr. Ledbetter, Mr. Smith and Mr. Boggs. The teachers won with a total of 4,401 points, the juniors came second with 999 points, and the seniors came last, with a single point.



Girls Track Sectionals May 19, 2015
by Mackenzie Crouch


At the girls sectionals at the Jeffersonville Track, Silver Creek placed 2nd behind Jeffersonville. 
All the girls did excellent and some qualified for regionals. Maggie and Jessica came in the number one and two spot in the 800 and Jessica also won first in the 1600. Katie Cooper, Chelsea Whalen, Jessica Backhermes, and Maggie Shields all qualified in the 4x400 meter relay. Altogether, 

the Silver Creek Track and Field team is doing well and lots of runners are advancing to the regionals on May 26th. 

How do you feel sectionals went?

Maggie Shields-(left)"I feel like sectionals went great. Everybody put forth an amazing effort and it was a great start to post 


What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Jessica Backhermes(right)-"I have some pretty big goals for the season. Next week at regionals, I want to win the mile, continue to state, and hopefully run the best race of my life." 




Finals Week
By: Calvin Heck


Finals week is a week that has all highschoolers worried, it can make or break anyones highschool career. You have to find the perfect balance between studying and keeping up with homework at the same time. Finals are and important part of high school because you need to get a good grade on them. They also can determine if you pass or fail the class you are taking. I ended up conversing with Nathan Aldrich Jr. what he thinks about finals week and he said, " It really adds a lot of pressure to school."



By Sydney Harshey


On May 15th, 16th, and 17th, the Silver Creek High School Theatre Department presented a show called Godspell. Godspell is a musical retelling of the Gospel of Matthew set in modern-day.The show featured multiple students from the Silver Creek High School and Silver Creek Middle School. To promote Godspell, the students took time out of their Sunday to visit a few local churches and sing to the people attending. "I always love to perform. Godspell was a really fun time for me. Especially because I got to go and sing at church and then share the book of Matthew later at the show.", said 6th grader Makenzie Harshey. Patrons who attended the show also really enjoyed and supported the performance. "The students' performance was very energetic and all of them were engaged. Their singing was strong and amazing. Overall, the show was really well done.", said senior Jake McKinley. The show was held all three nights for one weekend only. Godspell was the last show of the 2014-2015 season.





The Dance of Mrs. Jackson MyPlate
By: Joseph Darnall


Mrs. Jackson, who teaches Nutrition and Wellness, had an idea to make a video using students to promote healthy eating choices for a website called MyPlate. In Mrs. Jackson’s class, all her students had to dance and even sing, but some didn’t want to do it. It started on the first few weeks of the second semester of this year. As a person in her class and writing this article, I can tell you that her choice for this was a little silly but every one looked like they enjoyed it. Some people didn’t think it would be any fun or they didn’t want to  embarrass themselves by the singing or dancing. The filming happened becauses of Mrs. Jackson's inspiration for the students in and out of her class. It was filmed in the school using the rooms and various items for the video. By the end of the senior trip, there will be a video for MyPlate. I haven’t seen it, but we have high hopes for it.


Super Smash Bros Tournament 
By: Jason Martain


A Super Smash Bros. video game tournament was held on May 22 after school in the band room. "It was a fun time for everybody that attended it" says junior Jason Martain. There were fifteen people who attended the event. The tournament was a doubles tournament which consisted of seven teams. Members of Team Rents consisted of Mr. Smith and Daniel Courtney who earned 3rd place overall. Team Aches' members were Andrew Smith and Jake Mckinley who earned the infamous 1st place. Team Morbid had Corbin Wright and Jason Martain as its team members who got 2nd place, but only because one of its members decided to jump off the edge twice. The great team Sags members Gavin Bauer and Sarrah Shelton earned the greatest prize of last place. Team Bros members Patrick Rogers and Brody Hillages earned themselves a solid 4th place. Team Shwinndsay members Josh Waters and Lindsay Guelda earned 6th place. Team Ago's members Jason Crago and Andy Crone both fought hard but only made it to 5th place. Overall, one team had victory in their hands but lost it because one of its teammates killed themselves multiple times.




Silver Creek High School
557 Renz Avenue
Sellersburg, IN 47172


Principal: Mike Crabtree


Asst. Principal and Athletic Director: Larry Richmer


Asst. Principal: Amy Gilbert



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Amy Compton


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Mon, June 1


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