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WCCS College Career Readiness

WCCS College and Career Readiness 
Assistant Superintendent: Thomas R. Brillhart (
High School Counselors (CCR point of contact): Borden High School- Amanda Cavins (, Henryville High School- Janie Hewitt (, Silver Creek High School- Amanda Owen (
  -WCCS is excited to partner with GCCS in efforts to "regionalize" the successful PRIDE WEC within southern Indiana.  Seniors will have the opportunity to earn a state recognized Work Ethic Certificate based upon the completion and compliance of certain criteria set forth (please refer to attached DWD WEC Check List for details). Once obtained, their WEC Certificate will then be signed by the superintendent and also the governors office.  Students will also be recognized at graduation for their achievement with a sash.  WCCS will also incorporate the PRIDE standard within all schools K-12 as a vertical positive behavior improvement model to assist with thoughtfulness and purpose in all grade levels.  
    -Please click the link below to see all of the state-wide participating partners in the WEC program:
    -See attached PRIDE Work Ethic Certificate, PRIDE Rubric, PRIDE WEC Business Partner Letter, PRIDE WEC Check Sheet
WCCS CCR Advisory Council- If any community and or business members would like to attend and become part of the WCCS CCR Advisory Council, please contact Dr. Tom Brillhart - 
Business Partnerships- WCCS is always excited and willing to partner with a number of entities to help advance and modernize our educational offering within our curriculum.  Any potential interested business partner can simply click and download the Outreach Flyer below, complete and email to Dr. Tom Brillhart - 
Dual Credit Opportunities for 2018/19 SY
Dual Credit Offerings-WCCS        
2018/19 SY Course #      
    Borden High School Henryville High School Silver Creek High School
Environmental Science 3010      
Environmental Science AP 3012   Yes Yes
Adv Speech and Comm 1078     Yes
Accounting I 4522   Yes  
Accounting II 4524   Yes  
Anatomy & Physiology 3090   Yes Yes
Biology AP 3020     Yes
Biology II 3090   Yes  
Biomedical Innovation  5219     Yes
Business Law and Ethics 4560   Yes Yes
Calculus 2527 Yes Yes Yes
Chemistry AP 3060     Yes
Digital Application and Responsibility 4528   Yes  
Digital Electronics 4826     Yes
Economics 1514 Yes    
Education Professions 5408   Yes Yes
Education Professions II 5404   Yes  
English 12 1008   Yes  
Eng Lang/Comp AP 1056 Yes    
Eng Lang/Comp AP (English 11) 1006   Yes Yes
Eng Lit/Comp AP 1058 Yes    
Eng Lit/Comp AP (English 12) 1008     Yes
Finite Math 2530     Yes
French IV AP-Sem 1- A 2026     Yes
French IV AP- Sem 2- B 2026     Yes
French III Sem 1- A 2024     Yes
French III Sem 2- B 2024     Yes
Intro to Business 4564   Yes  
Intro to Engineering 4812     Yes
Intro to Psychology  1574   Yes  
Marketing 5914   Yes  
Physics 1 AP 3080     Yes
Pre-Calculus 2564/2544   Yes Yes
Prin of Engineering 4814     Yes
Adv English CC- Public Speaking  1124   Yes  
Spanish III 2124A/2124B Yes Yes  
Spanish IV 2126 Yes Yes Yes
Spanish V 2152     Yes
Spanish Lang AP 2152A      
Speech 1076 Yes    
Trigonometry 2566/2544A Yes Yes Yes
US History 1542A   Yes Yes
Adv Social Science CC- US History 1574   Yes  
Adv Mathematics CC 2544 Yes    
Anatomy/Physiology  5276/3090     Yes
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses offered for 2018/19 SY- please see below
Introduction To Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering
Digital Electronics
Civil Engineering & Architecture
Engineering & Design Development
Principles of Bio-medical Sciences
Human Body Systems
Medical Intervention
Biomedical Innovation
Computer Science 1
Computer Science AP
Indiana Career Explorer- WCCS is excited to partner with Kuder Navigator and offer Indiana Career Explorer to our secondary aged students to assist with education and career planning.  This useful tool not only helps students and parents visualize their future, but also assist in the creation of plans on how to get to their goal(s)!! In order to access this free tool, please simply go to:
Prosser School of Technology- WCCS Students have the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful career centered opportunities that Prosser (Region 10 Career Center) during their Junior (AM session) and Senior (PM session) years.  To learn more about Prosser please visit the following website:
Teacher Externships- WCCS has began teacher externship opportunities for our staff to gain "real world knowledge" of modern workforce needs that can be applied to help enhance curriculum and rigor within the classroom.  If any business and or institution is interested in hosting a teacher for a summer externship opportunity, please see the Teacher Externship link below.  You may also contact Dr. Tom Brillhart -
Student Internship Opportunities- WCCS is always looking and seeking how we can connect local businesses with our students to help provide them internship opportunities (paid and unpaid). Please contact either Dr. Tom. Brillhart ( or a local high school counseling dept to see how we can help make this connection a reality!! 
Please utilize the helpful link below to explore current employment data and trends that can assist in accurate conversations on post secondary success/options/trends:
Conexus Hire Tech- Manufacturing Pathway
    -Hire Tech is a three-year, Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics (AML) program designed by employers with information that will help students gain employment in these fields.  Hire Tech combines direct instruction, online content, videos, hands-on projects, and more to expose students to AML principles, while earning up to 15 Ivy Tech credits and  up to 5 industry credentials.  Eligible students may choose participate in paid summer internships with local business partners, where they will gain real-world experience in the industry.  These experiences will help our students stand out above the competition, whether in post-secondary institutions or in the workforce.  This program is open to West Clark students at all three campuses when they reach their sophomore year of high school. Students will continue their pathway as Juniors and then finish their third year at Prosser to earn their MSSC-CPT.  Please see the attached Indiana Manufacturing Association ppt that helps brings factual data and stats to help reinforce the growing market in manufacturing within Southern Indiana and state wide.  
Junior Achievement- to learn more about Junior Achievement opportunities in our region, please visit
Local Job Fair- WCCS Students have the opportunity to attend local Job Fairs to help expose them to possible job opportunities that currently exist within Southern Indiana.  Information is shared with students as it becomes available on a regular basis.  Please see attached the latest Southern Indiana Job Fair information